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How to Raise Your Vibration

How to Raise Your Vibration

Each post is a chapter in her book.  As of today we are on chapter 20.  An absolute gold mine.



Nesesso and Magenta Pixie in Conversation

For the serious spiritual seeker: everything in here is pure gold, an authentic conversation between two awake, evolved individuals. Welcome to your re-membering. Lots of insight here for inner reflection. Be sure to listen to all 5 parts of this conversation.


Foods That Feed the Pineal Gland

Foods That Feed the Pineal Gland

It’s been well established that the pineal gland is the body’s psychic center, and responsible for inner vision and intuition.  Here are some dietary tips to help support its health.


The Awakening: The Most Concise Video Explanation I’ve Found For Why I’ve Created This Blog

If watching this video brings up more questions than answers for you, that is exactly the desired outcome. You’ve got questions, I’ve got answers:

Should you resonate with this message and want to learn more, I highly recommend checking out David Wilcock’s 2012 Event Horizon, available on this blog and Youtube. This is the most concise collection of information I am aware of that sets solid groundwork for recalibrating your scientific and spiritual paradigm.

Lots more on these subjects and more are available on this blog. Happy evolving!


The Effects of Solar Flares

The Effects of Solar Flares

For anybody who is interested…you know who you are.


For Your Consideration

Warning: contains images that, when considered together, may completely shatter the possibility that 9/11 wasn’t meticulously planned and “hidden in plain sight.” Most revelation inducing material is included in the first half.


Two Prime Ministers, One Speech: Justification for Invating Iraq

I wonder who is giving these marching orders?